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5 Top Food Trends for 2016

If you are a food lover you will be excited about all of the great food that you will get to taste throughout 2016. We take a look at the top 5 trends that have hit our palate this year so far and what we should expect to see more of throughout the year, you will be pleased to know that food truck catering is on the list.

1.Food Truck Catering

Friesnmore is glad to hear that the trend for food truck catering is not about to go away anytime soon. As people are still getting to grips with the economic dip and rising food prices they are seeking food that is affordable and filling as well as tasting great. Those looking for budget wedding catering are also turning to have a food truck rather than traditional catering on their big day.

2.Retro Food and Cocktails

Head back to the days of 70’s discos and 50’s burger joints as the world looks bad to vintage comforts for food inspiration this year.if ever you needed an excuse to visit a Friesnmore food truck for a large plate of cheesy fries and a traditional US hotdog it is now.

3.Food to Share

With the trend for frugal dining continuing into 2016 will see more people eating in for special occasions and limiting the amount of meals that are eaten outside of the home. There are opportunities to have a treat by enjoying food truck catering as it does not cost the earth, making food trucks a great choice from community based wedding catering.

4. Locally Sourced Food

As the world becomes more eco-conscious to turns to locally sourced food so as to reduce carbon footprint and support local producers at the same time. Friesnmore is proud to source locally produced food at every opportunity and we love the fresh ingredients that we collect for our food truck catering.

5. Burnt Food

We all like burnt sugar on the top of a good creme brûlée, but there is set to be a lot more charred food and BBQ style grills popping up in restaurants and street food trucks around Los Angeles.