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Best French Fries

The Best French Fries From The Number 1 Food Truck In Town

After running successful restaurants and food truck businesses, we are proud to launch Friesnmore for all of your catering need. We serve up the best french fries that you will ever taste with dishes such as chilli cheese fries and south of the border fries.

Successful caterers need to have acquired an understanding of all of the functions of a production and a sound knowledge of the industry—both of which we have in abundance. Friesnmore has a selection of food trucks that can be hired as a prop for a production and we can serve up the best french fries on your set.

In addition to supplying the best french fries as a food as a prop, we are one of the bestcatering LA businesses around and we can guarantee that your cast and crew will be very happy with the food that we serve up in-between shoots.

Friesnmore is a great catering option for all of your red carpet events, after-show parties and filing wrap-ups and we are sure to wow your guests with the best french fries that are influenced by world flavors.

Like any caterer, Friesnmore can offers rip all of the favorites of our standard food truck menu or we can work with your event planning team to design bespoke recipes that best suit the needs of your party. Whether you are holding an event for a handful of VIP guests or a large party packed full of important business contacts, we can offer a professional service that will not disappoint—didn’t we say we service the best french fries in LA?  We can simply supply the food or we can offer a waiting-on service if required—whatever you need we are happy to discuss.

Next time you are stuck with Hollywood catering options and want to hire a company that is fresh and exciting, get in touch with Friesnmore and we can make sure that you will not regret tasting the best french fries on earth!