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Come And Dine Out At The Best French Fry Truck In Los Angeles

Dining out is one of life’s favorite things. What is better than eating tasty food that you do not have to prepare yourself and that you do not need to clean up afterwards? Visit a Friesnmore french fry food truck and you will not be disappointed by our exciting menu that is packed full of classic flavors with a creative twist.

More than just a french fry truck

Our tasty menu includes the following:

  • Traditional french fries (the french fry food truck title gave that one away!)
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Garlic fries
  • Buffalo fries
  • Chicken strips n fries
  • Pizza fries
  • Spanish dishes (including chocolate and churros)

Bespoke Menus

As well as the above recipes on our menu, we also offer seasonal favorites and specials to keep all of you food lovers on your toes. If you are holding a special event or you have a certain theme for your wedding, for example, the Friesnmore team can discuss creating a bespoke menu especially for your big day. We can recommend popular dishes that your guests will love and will take into account your special requests and any dietary requirements that your party guests may have. We like to offer a 121 service when people hire our french fry food truck so do not be afraid to ask us any questions.

Cheap and Cheerful

Booking a french fry food truck is a cheap ad easy way to cater for large numbers of guests. A french fry truck can cater for lots of people in a short space of time with limited cooking space. As overheads are not as much as those in traditional catering venues, prices can be kept down so consumers can benefit. Friesnmore’s french fry food truck catering is affordable without compromising on quality so do book in with us today if you want great food with our blowing your catering budget.