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Best French Fries

Enjoy The Best French Fries In LA At Friesnmore

If you want to eat the best french fries in Los Angeles then you need to head to your nearest Friesnmore food truck. Friesnmore is an experienced family run business that prides itself on delivering excellent customer service to our loyal legion of foodie fans.

Exciting Menus

We have to say that when it comes to Friesnmore fries we do not have to do much to make them the best french fries in the city. We always choose high quality potatoes and they are cooked with lots of TLC. Sprinkled with a hint of salt and served with a little ketchup or mayonnaise, they are simply delicious. As delicious as our best french fries are, we know that we have lots of fans who love to spice their fries up a little. Our customers can look forward to tasty dishes like the following on your fries:

Fresh cut garlic fries

Fresh cut sweet potato fries

Buffalo fries

South of the border fries

Pizza fries

Classic cheese fries

Thousand Island fries

Cheap and Cheerful

All of our dishes taste great and are made with quality ingredients but they are very reasonably priced. A visit to our food truck on a night our with friends will not cost a lot of money so there is no need to stay home and cook—treat yourself!

As our food is cheap and cheerful it is very popular among event planners and engaged couples as food truck weddings and parties are in fashion at the moment. To find out more about our catering services, get in touch and you too can taste the best french fries in LA.

If you want to find out where Friesnmore are next so that you can try the best french fries in the city, head to our social media faces and come and say hello soon.