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Pre-Wedding Party

Enjoy Pre-Wedding Party Fun With Friesnmore

Many couples choose to move away from traditional wedding catering in a bid to make their big day more exciting and something different from the norm. With so much great food truck catering brands about, many couples are now having a pre-wedding party too!

Have Fun with Friends and Family with a Pre-Wedding Party

Hollywood catering for a pre-wedding party and wedding receptions allows organizers to have a varied menu that has dishes to suit all tastes. Rather than having all of your guests sit down for one generic meal, they can come to our food truck and choose what they would like from the menu that you have chosen alongside us. Food trucks catering for a pre-wedding party makes the whole event laid back and will allow everyone to relax ahead of the chaos prepping for the wedding itself.

Flexible Food Catering from Friesnmore

Friesnmore food truck catering for a pre-wedding party is very flexible and will look to cater for your every need. Whether you want us to turn up at dinner times to feed your guests before they party or you want late night snacks for the hardcore partygoers, we can negotiate the best package that to make your pre-wedding party the best that it can be.

Save Money Food Truck Catering for Wedding Party

Many couples either opt to pay for their pre-wedding party themselves or they simply do not have family to depend on when it comes to meeting the cost of their wedding. With this in mind, wedding catering can be a major stumbling block when it comes to making weddings affordable. If you love food and want your wedding guests to enjoy tasty treats such as our cheesy fries or sweet potato fries, then look no further than Friesnmore.

To book your pre-wedding party with Friesnmore give our friendly team a call today and we will get you booked in.