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Corporate Catering

Enjoy Smooth Corporate Catering With Friesnmore

If you are in the corporate catering business whether you organised events for your business or you work in the industry for many clients, Friesnmore is a reliable and fun way to cater for attendees.

Are Food Trucks Still Popular?

In a word, yes! Creative entrepreneurs are bringing unique brands of food to the people on the streets of Los Angeles in a bid to follow their dreams of being the next big thing in the foodie market. Traditionally, most of LA’s hollywood catering came in the form of burgers, tacos and BBQ food but vendors have branched out and you can now taste food from almost every country in the world.

Friesnmore Corporate Catering Events

From birthday parties and weddings food truck caterers can come to your event or workplace and  build a suitable menu for your event. You do not need to worry if you do not have a big guest list, some food truck catering vendors, like Friesnmore will be happy to discuss corporate event catering for intimate groups. Trucks can park outside of your event if you do not mind your guests coming outside to eat or you can enquire about catering stands for indoor events. In fact, you can pretty much be bold enough to research a number of trucks and ask for exactly what you want as food truck vendors are a happy and helpful bunch.

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere

The best thing about Los Angeles catering trucks is that they can travel almost anywhere without hassle as everything the chef and waiting staff need is in one truck. There are classy trucks for more corporate catering events or full on funky trucks so that you can host the hippest party in town. Vendors, like Friesnmore will cater to all of your needs including cutlery, napkins and some will even have seating if you require it.

To book Friesnmore for future corporate events give one of our team a call today and we can discuss bespoke packages to suit your needs.