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Best French Fries

Friesnmore: Serving The Best French Fries In LA At Your Wedding

Los Angeles caterers can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Instead of boring catering you can hire Friesnmore for your wedding and enjoy fun food in a relaxed setting. You may feel that fries are not the best food to serve up for such a special occasion but Friesnmore serves up some of the best french fries in the city.

If you and your partner have been trying hard to come to an agreement on your wedding catering, a call to Friesnmore may just make things a lot clearer for you. Forget hiring standard LA caterers and entertainment and look to what is hip and trendy in LA at the moment.

LA Food Trucks

LA food trucks are a popular site across Los Angeles as they serve up some of the freshest and most innovate food in the city. No matter what your age or dietary requirements, Friesnmore LA caterers can look after your every need as we deliver the best french fries to your guests.  Food trucks are inexpensive and are proving to be a cost-effective choice for those finding traditional wedding caterers too expensive.

We love to cater for events of all sizes and LA weddings are some of the most fun gigs that we have ever worked at. Friesnmore can cook the best french fries and food that we sell to the hipsters of LA every day or we can design a menu that is more fitting with your special day—whatever you have in mind we are sure that we can come up with some ideas.