Give Your Hotel Catering a Boost with Friesnmore

Los Angeles is one busy city with the amount of celebrity parties, film shoots and large corporate events. With so many events to cater for and so many people to feed, caters need to be inventive with ideas when it comes to feeding the masses. The wedding catering Los Angeles and film catering Los Angeles industries are countably looking at fresh ways to cater for their guest and workers, and it appears that food trucks are the answers.

You cannot walk down the street in LA without seeing an LA food truck, they are that popular. With various industries wanting to keep up with trends and impress clients and potential clients, they are turning to food truck catering as fun and fresh alternative to traditional catering options. This does not mean that that hotel catering has dies a death as they too are thinking on their feet and working with food truck brands to give their clients exactly what they want.

If you are in the hotel business and find that brides and grooms are looking for alternative wedding catering Los Angeles, you can work together with Friesnmore to work out a deal that will suit all parties. It could be that the hotel serves up the main drinks and wedding breakfast and Friesnmore can serve up food in the evening from one of our colorful LA food truck teams.

For those in the film catering Los Angeles industry, you can work with us to provide food for your event, either on set or at a hotel if you are holding a party. We can take the opportunity to chat to your event planner at the hotel to work out a package that suits us all.

The most important aspect in booking your catering is that the food that is served is high-quality. Friesnmore can guarantee that we source fresh local ingredients that can compete with expensive wedding packages in the city, so you will not lose out on taste. If a casual event is what you are looking for then look no further than the best food truck in town.