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Best Food Truck In LA

Hire The Best Food Truck In LA For Your Next Event Or TV Production

If you want to hire the best food truck in LA as a prop for your next food production look no further than Friesnmore. You can hire our empty truck for shoots or we can prepare food for added authenticity. Our trucks offer first class catering at a great price.

Food lovers throughout LA rejoice in the amazing street food brand that is Friesnmore. Gourmet fries with all of your favorite toppings are on offer on the streets of LA, at top-class events in the city or in your own backyard if you hire the team for a catering event.

The Best Neighborhood Food Trucks in Los Angeles

Food truck catering Los Angeles is a booming business that shows just how much food and innovation can transform a city. Some of the smaller neighborhoods are now vibrant community hubs when a few years ago they were ‘no go’ areas. Giving an area a purpose and a place to hang out and chat with one another creates a warm environment where food does win over hearts.

Friesnmore, the best food truck in LA, is a brand who believes that customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that is produced. Sourcing authentic ingredients and high-quality food is what makes our fries stand out from the crowd.

Why Food Truck Catering in Los Angeles is so Good

People love visiting the best food truck in LA as it offers:

Cheap food

Food on your doorstep

A great way to hang out with friends

Sample food from around the world

Enjoy relaxed, no-fuss dining

No booking necessary

A list of gourmet fries to satisfy hungry Los Angeles food lovers

Be part of the gourmet food truck catering trend and go share fries amongst friends at one of Friesnmore pop-up events. To find us, you can check out our social media pages to see if we are hanging out in your area any time soon.