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Film Catering

Hire Friesnmore For Your Next Los Angeles Photo Shoot

Food trucks are as popular as ever across the world, with some people going on certain vacations just to experience the street food truck of the city. In LA there are more and Hollywood caterers popping up in the form of food truck catering as the city cannot get enough street food.

If you are skeptical about just how far the food trend can go, you need to get to LA to have a taste of some of the best food that you will ever taste—with some trucks far outdoing restaurants. Taco truck catering was where it all started in LA, with the city being so close to Mexico and locals quickly embracing this awesome cuisine.

Food Truck Props for Photo Shoots

Friesnmore can offer our food truck for you to hire for private events across Los Angeles and we are also available if you are planning a photo shoot and need a food truck as a prop. We can supply an empty food truck either by the hour or by the day charge very competitive rates. If your production requires food as part of your photo story then we can arrange for some of our traditional US food and creative fries and toppings to be served up, as a prop of you and the crew to eat.

Whether you are a magazine photographer or work on TV or in the arts world, if you need to props that will make your LA landscape look authentic then a Friesnmore food truck is the perfect choice. Our funky food truck will look great in the background of your photo shoot without overpowering your overall shoot.

Hollywood caterers
like ourselves are happy to create bespoke packages that will suit your needs and Friesnmore take pride in offering a personal service that will help bring your LA images to life.

If you have ever spotted a cool food in a glossy magazine photo shoot or caught site of awesome looking street food on your favorite TV shows you will recognize the appeal of food truck catering and we are sure you will want to book us.