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Food Truck Catering

The Best Food Truck Catering In Los Angeles On A Budget

If you want to hire a food truck for our next party get in touch with Friesnmore. If you live in LA you will be well aware of the food truck catering trend that has been around for many years in the city. Eating out at food trucks is a cheap alternative to restaurants when you want to dine out for a change of scene, but when it comes to hiring a truck for an event the prices can creep up.

Friesnmore food truck catering service offers customers high-quality street food at a reasonable price. Our range of recipes are designed to be made up of fresh and tasty ingredients that are locally sourced, but will not frighten your bank manager.

When choosing your food truck catering vendor, you should always work out what budget you have and the approximate number of people that you wish to cater for. Working with our customers very closely is something that we at Friesnmore pride ourselves in as we always negotiate the right amount of food with the right amount of money.

If you want your guests to enjoy their food at your next event and you do not want to worry all evening about having enough food, then give Friesnmore a call today and we can come up with a bespoke menu for your special day.